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German cable-maker Leoni expands Pune facility; invests €10 m more

German cable-maker Leoni expands Pune facility; invests €10 m more

13 сентября 2017, 08:37
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 German cable manufacturer Leoni has invested an additional €10 million (about ₹76 crore) for the expansion of its existing manufacturing facility at Chakan near Pune (India). The company’s total investment at the facility, which was commissioned in 2013, stands at €20 million.

“We will be manufacturing two new products — solar DC cables and cables for transportation (railways) – from the plant.

“We will also be looking at exporting these products to Middle East, Africa, South East Asia and Australia, apart from selling them in the country,” said Pushpendra Singh, Managing Director, Leoni Cable Solutions India.

Leoni Cable Solutions India is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Nuremberg, Germany-headquartered Leoni Group. “This is the next phase of our evolution in India.

“We began to develop this market in 2010, with an engineering office and a manufacturing facility for automotive wiring systems,” he added.

Now, the combined production area has increased to more than 20,000 sq m and manufacturing capacity to 80,000 km per year of electron beam cross-linked cables.

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