31st Bielsko–Biała International Power Industry Fair



Место проведения: Польша Bielsko-Biała
Cайт выставки: http://www.energetab.com/
Дата проведения: 11 - 13 сентября 2018
Категория: Энергетика
ENERGETAB is the largest trade fair of modern appliances, apparatus and technologies for power industry in Poland. It is one of the most important regular meetings of the leading representatives of the power sector.

The last year fair was attended by more than 709 exhibitors from 23 countries. 

Moreover, the Fair is frequented by a large number of visitors and covers the area of more than 30 000 sq m of exhibit space in a recently constructed, modern exhibit hall, tent pavilions, as well as in the open area, where the largest and heaviest exhibits can be located. 

The exposition will cover the following areas: 
  • transmission, distribution and supply of electrical power and heat
  • generation of electrical power and heat
  • electrical engineering and industrial electronics

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