JSC "Sibkabel" expands the circle of partners

9 декабря 2013, 13:15 2649 Время чтения ≈ 1 мин

The results of workshops on the development of machine-building enterprises of Tomsk cooperation with organizations of the energy holding "Inter RAO" , held on 10 and 11 October in Tomsk were finished.

During the meeting the representatives of the Tomsk Region Administration , LLC " Inter RAO - Management Centre Procurement" and Tomsk branch of JSC "Territorial Generating Company № 11 " visited the " Sibcable " plant - one of the production sites of "Holding Cable Alliance ." Delegates appreciated the high scientific, technical and production potential of the enterprise: modern technological equipment, highly qualified staff, design units that provide full life cycle development of innovative equipment. Capacity of the plant in refinement of existing products in accordance with customer requirements was especially marked.

Visiting the company , the participants got acquainted with the production capacity of JSC " Sibcable " and line of products. This allowed members of the «Inter RAO " to create a list of relevant products demanded by enterprises of the energy holding.

Commercial Service "Holding Cable Alliance" is preparing a bid for the supply of a number of product groups of " Company " Sibcable . " Also the selection of import substitution analogues is being elaborated. Preparation for the accreditation procedure for passing procurement procedures carried by LLC "Inter RAO - Management Centre Procurement" has begun.

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