Group of companies "Sevkabel" entered the register of reliable partners

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Источник: ГК "Севкабель"

Group of companies "Sevkabel" entered the register of Russian enterprises and entrepreneurs, financial and economic situation proves their reliability as partners for business in the Russian Federation and abroad.

Certificate of Commerce and Industry Chamber of the registration was solemnly handed to the Director of Logistics Group "Sevkabel" Vyacheslav Kondratyev in the enlarged meeting of the Council Chamber with Acting Governor of St. Petersburg Georgy Poltavchenko RCCI President Sergei Katyrin and president of the St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce Vladimir Katenevym.

Council of the St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce considered the prospects of development of the city until 2019 within the approved strategy of economic and social development of St. Petersburg for the period until 2030. At an enlarged meeting representatives of the business community met together with the heads of the executive and legislative authorities of St. Petersburg. In his speech, Georgy Poltavchenko promised to support the development of industry and business, as well as increase the level of investment attractiveness of St. Petersburg and expand ties with foreign countries and regions.

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