WorldSkills Russia and portal RusCable.Ru: new ways of cooperation

WorldSkills Russia and portal RusCable.Ru: new ways of cooperation

15 августа 2014, 19:17
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Last week there was a meeting between the technical director of the world's largest international association for professional skills competition WorldSkills Russia Alexey and the head of media holding "RusKabel" Alexander Gusev. The negotiations reached preliminary agreement on cooperation between the two organizations.

WorldSkills Russia is a Russian representative of the International Association WorldSkills, the purpose of which is to motivate young people to receive vocational training.

The main activities of WSI was the holding of the competition WorldSkills professional skills for young people aged from 16 to 25 years, which are held every two years in different countries that are members of the association. In addition, the competition compares the skills and abilities of people from those countries. This competition is also called "the Olympics of those who know how to work with your hands."

The first championship was held in 1947, which was organized with the intention of a speedy recovery after the war. José Antonio Elola Olas, CEO of the Spanish youth organization,would like to solve the problem of creating an effective system of vocational education. His task was to convince young people, teachers and prospective employers of the importance and necessity of such a system for their future. As a result, in 1947, Madrid hosted the first national competition "International competition in vocational training", which was attended by about four thousand students from dozens of colleges and schools from all over Spain. After five years it was held at the world championship level.

The WorldSkills movement now carries out its activities with the support of Russian Ministry of Education, the Agency for Strategic Initiatives, Department of Science, Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurship in Moscow. Internet portal RusCable.Ru has traditionally been active participant and organizer of numerous industry events and activities. The joint work of the first electrical portal RusCable.Ru and the Russian representative office of an international movement WorldSkills Russia will allow having a significant influence on the development of the concept of training and assessment of professional workers.

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WorldSkills International (WSI) is an international non-profit association whose purpose is to raise the status and standards of professional training and qualifications, as well as the promotion of working professions through holding international competitions around the world. WSI has existed since 1946, its creators have set ambitious goals: to motivate young people to compete, to awaken their enthusiasm for training, as well as to compare the skills and abilities of people from different countries. Since its inception, WorldSkills International provides expert evaluation, development and the formation of the world's highest level of professional standards of working professions in industry and the service sector. To date, the WorldSkills International competitions involving thousands of young professionals from more than 60 countries.

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