A delegation of "Forenergo" finished in Serbia

3 октября 2014, 19:24 2234 Время чтения ≈ 1 мин

Fraternal peoples of Russia and Serbia have long-standing and strong historical, cultural and spiritual ties. However, the hard times of the nineties and foreign policy events of those years significantly undermined the economic cooperation between the two countries. Today, fortunately, there have been positive developments in this regard.

As part of a business trip to the Republic of Serbia a meeting with the heads of several leading energy companies and industrial enterprises working in the field of energy was held. The visit of the delegation started with negotiation of "Forenergo" in face  of President Nicholas Karasev and vice-president of production Eugene Yudanova with the Secretary of State of the Ministry of Energy and Mining of Serbia Dusan Mrakichem.

Serbian Energy is familiar with the company's products "Forenergo" and appreciates its quality. Following the visit, a number of agreements on cooperation were signed.

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