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Production of JSC "COPIES" has been certified for compliance with the technical requirements of "Rossetti"

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Источник: УГМК

Power cables with XLPE insulated medium voltage (6, 10, 20 and 35 kV) production of "Electrocable" Kolchugino "(included in the" Holding Cable Alliance ", uniting UMMC cable assets) are certified for compliance with the technical requirements of" Rossetti "and recommended for use at the company.

"Inclusion in the roster of equipment and materials has approved the use at the facilities of one of the world's largest power grid companies  - this is certainly recognition of the quality of our products. The "COPIES"  had an opportunity not only to increase cooperation with JSC "Rossetti", but also to expand into new markets, "- said the director of quality of" COPIES "Igor Katkov.

Shopping of  the production of power cables to the average voltage of "Electrocable" Kolchugino " opened in 2005. Since the start the production is currently increased and sold more than 30 million meters of cable with XLPE insulation. This cabling and wiring products are mainly used in electrical networks for the transmission of energy between substations in dense housing, as well as at the sites of industrial enterprises.

According to the experts of "COPIES" KOLCHUGINO these power cables of Medium voltage are widely used in the construction of objects of the Sochi Olympics and Kazan Universiade, as well as in the construction of the gas pipeline "South Stream" and objects of "New Moscow".

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