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Roselektronika develops cooperation with China

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Holding "Roselektronika" of State Corporation "Rostec" started negotiations on cooperation with Chinese corporation Aerospace Science and Technology (CASC). During the first round of negotiations the parties have identified areas of mutual interest: the development and manufacture of electronic components and telecommunications equipment.

Collaboration of holding "Roselektronika" and CASC will be carried out within the State Corporation "Rostec" and Chinese Corporation Aerospace Science and Technology agreement on strategic cooperation in order to promote trade, investment and cooperation in the field of high technology. Agreement was signed on Monday, October 13 by CEO Rostec Chemezov and CASC chairman Lei Fanpey. The signing ceremony took place during a meeting of heads of governments of Russia and China - Dmitry Medvedev and Li Keqiang.

"We have no doubt that the interaction of the holding with the Chinese partners will enable the two countries to make a major breakthrough in its technological development, we see vectors of mutually beneficial cooperation with our Chinese partners, including in the development of space industry for ECB," - General Director of the holding "Roselektronika "Andrei Zverev said.

China's interest to domestic high technology confirms the export-import balance of the holding, currently exports to China of products manufactured by enterprises' Roselektronika" is 15 million US dollars. The main part of the sales of the Russian side in China accounts finished products EKB: reed switches, switching products, X-ray tubes, transistors, etc. The total amount of the import of the holding is less than 1.2 million dollars – it is a mostly raw materials for electronic components produced by holding "Roselektronika."

Detailed negotiations between holding "Roselektronika" and CASC Corporation will continue in mid-November 2014 in Zhuhai, during the International Air Show «China Airshow-2014".

  Previously the holding "Roselektronika" announced the collaboration with other public Chinese company - China Electronic Technology Corporation (Setsu) in the production of LEDs, information security, integrated security systems (Kasubi), navigation systems, automated systems, air traffic control (ASUVD) and electron component base.

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