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Prysmian Group Russia celebrates its 5th anniversary of industrial presence in Russian Federation

Prysmian Group Russia celebrates its 5th anniversary of industrial presence in Russian Federation

16 декабря 2014, 18:24
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The 15th December 2014 Prysmian Group celebrate its  first five years anniversary of industrial presence in Russia.

During these time the group and the Russian team achieved  three major objectives:

  1.     The extension and enlargement of the low voltage cables range production
  2.     The construction and the startup of a new factory for the production of very high voltage energy cables
  3.     The improvement of the team and of the management processes of Prysmian Russia

The low voltage product range has been extended and enlarged adding fire resistant products and low smoke zero halogen cables produced using the group AFUMEX technology.

Furthermore the low voltage range now includes larger cables up to 240sqmm for single core cables and up to 95sqmm for multi cores cables.

The new HIGH VOLTAGE plant based in Rybinsk has completed the product engineering phase and has already started the cables production. So Prysmian Russia achieved the first step of certification of 110Kv cables and already started the field test of the 330Kv cables with the size up to 2500 sqmm.

When these tests will be completed the Prysmian plant will be the only Russian plant able to produce extra high voltage cable and provide installation services at 330Kv. Furthermore the Rybinsk plant will be one of the five Prysmian Group factories able to produce the extra high voltage cable range for land installation.

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