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Director of "COPIES" Sergei Sitko took part in a meeting on import substitution

18 декабря 2014, 20:33 2860 Время чтения ≈ 2 мин

Sergey Sitko, the director of the plant "Electrocable", took part in a meeting on the # import, held on 29 October at the Administration of the Vladimir region. The meeting  was attended by heads of the leading companies in the region, First Deputy Governor for Industry and Economic Policy Alexei Marchenko.

Alexei Marchenko said that the economic situation in the region as a whole can be described as positive. The index of industrial production reached 110 percent over the same period last year, the volume of shipped goods of own production - 114 percent, with 90 percent of the goods sector accounts for the manufacturing sector. 34.9 per cent increase in production of machinery and equipment, marked increase in the defense industry.

First vice-governor said that at present the Russian government is formed "road map" for import substitution. Market goods and services that need to replace, is estimated at $ 2 trillion rubles. Currently Vladimir region is involved in 5 federal programs with a total volume of financing more than 3 billion rubles.

As the Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Industrial Policy Ruslan Rybin, in parallel with the federal "road map" Vladimir region is developing so-called regional import substitution matrix. He defined sectorial priorities and import substitution in the region. The cable industry is one of them.

Sergey Sitko, speaking at the meeting, said: "Personally, I see for the country's cable operators are two main problems of import substitution. The first - is the lack of materials for the production of cables and wires, and the second - is the lack of a clear understanding of what is necessary to replace. According to reports, about 30% of cable products are sold in Russia are imported from abroad. But the information that it is imported, we do not. Therefore, the collection and analysis of information on imported products could be the first step by the government towards the creation and implementation of policies regulating the processes of import substitution in Russia. I hope that in the near future it will happen. "

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