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UNAKO summarized assessment of the work in 2014

10 марта 2015, 04:06 2055 Время чтения ≈ 2 мин

Against the general downtrend Enterprise Group Company UNAKO completed 2014 stably, creating a platform for future development.

 - We have a certain margin of safety, because UNAKO is a big industrial group of two dozen companies – as Supervisory Board Chairman Andrey Ryzhikov has rated the past period. - Through our interaction volume of total revenues for the Group increased in 2014 by 15% despite the fact that in general, energy and mechanical engineering are dependent on government orders. In addition, in 2014, we have confirmed the reputation of honest borrowers in our banks, although the situation, I admit, was extremely difficult.

The list of important events in 2014 includes a demonstration of the possibilities of the Group in addressing the issue of import nationwide. In early 2014, JSC "UKZ" took order for the creation of a new compressor equipment from the Ministry of Defence (Navy), and today the prototype has passed acceptance testing cycle. As explained at the JSC "UKZ" under the terms of the contract the level of this development was in all respects superior equipment of foreign manufacturers. To the Ministry of Industry and Science of the field at the end of the year was sent to the registry of the equipment produced by plants of the Group.

Much attention has been paid to the launch of the company's engineering center "Stroydormash." Plant recognized last year by the regional authorities as one of the most promising enterprises and can enter the program for the development of new lines of products. An example of the new machinery factory is Geological machine BDS-41, the presentation of which is expected to close by the summer of 2015.

Also among the significant events is the opening of the subsidiary JSC «UNAKO-TASHKENT» - as a logical continuation of the strategic lines of the Group of Companies to expand activities in friendly countries in Asia, where there is a potential portfolio of orders.

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