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Certificate of IRIS is a sign of quality

11 марта 2015, 22:03 2115 Время чтения ≈ 3 мин

All three cable companies of the Holding received a certificate of compliance management system business requirements of the International Railway Industry Standard IRIS (International Railway Industry Standard).

• Plant "Sibkabel" was certified in April 2014, in June of the same year received a certificate. In early February of this year, that is, as it should be according to the requirements of IRIS, eleven months later, on "Sibkabel" successfully re-inspection audit for compliance with IRIS, ISO 9001 and ISO 9001 Standard was taken.

• Kolchugino "Electrocable" was certified in August 2014. Official presentation of certificates IRIS was held on February 6 in Murom, the certificate presented senior vice-president of JSC "Russian Railways" Valentin Gapanovich who is a plant manager "Electrocable".

• Audit of the right to possess a certificate of IRIS plant at the "Uralcable" was held in November 2014. Certificate of compliance with the International Railway Industry Standard (IRIS) was received in December of the same year.

The task to implement and certify a management system based on business IRIS standard in all plants of the Holding Company was set guidance of "KhKA" even in 2012. It should be noted that among the Russian cable factories manufacturers the Holding first started working in this direction.

The main reason why decided to get certified was taking leadership of the company of JSC "Russian Railways" new policies in the field of strategic management of quality products, consumption of "Russian Railways". One of the directions of this policy is that in 2015 the priority in the procurement will be given to enterprises certified for compliance with IRIS. This means that the list of products for the needs of JSC "Russian Railways" will be able to get only those companies that have certified their management systems business in compliance with IRIS.

It should be noted that the production of cables and wires for rolling stock of rail transport is one of the leading destinations in the production activities of all three of the Holding.

Management System Certification and the subsequent introduction of the international standard IRIS at the enterprises of the Holding is a clear quality assurance.

Notes: Certificate of Conformity IRIS - is universal recognition in the railway industry!

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