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Cable Alliance Holding presented novelty of its production at the exhibition Cabex-2015

Cable Alliance Holding presented novelty of its production at the exhibition Cabex-2015

27 марта 2015, 01:09
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Источник: ООО "Холдинг Кабельный Альянс"

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Cable Alliance Holding presented novelty of its production on March 18 at the exhibition "Cabex-2015", a product for energy - power cable with XLPE insulated conductive wires of sector-shaped medium voltage (10 kV and 20 kV).

In 2014 the "Electrocable" factory mastered the technology of production of the power cable with the sector-shaped conductors. Workshop for the production of the cable is equipped with equipment from leading European manufacturers. Cables are protected by a patent for utility 128773 JSC "VNIIKP" model number.

Power cables with sector-shaped conductive wires are made for transmission and distribution of electric energy in stationary installations with grounded and insulated neutrality for a rated voltage of 10 kV and 20 kV with nominal frequency of 50 Hz. Nominal section of copper to the TPG is 300 mm2 and 400 mm2 from aluminum.

This cable is available in the following versions:
• Fire Resistance - for a single gasket, gaskets for LS, HF group performance, armored and not armored, including hazardous areas,;
• cables sheathed with polyethylene - for laying in the ground, regardless of the degree of corrosion activity of soil, for laying in the water, as well as for installation on difficult areas of cable routes, armored and not armored, including sealed ones.

Cables have obvious advantages over round cable shape. It can be seen on the example of the APvPg 3h240 / 50-10 kV cable brand that the reduction of the outer diameter is up to 19%, and the weight is reduced to 40%. Reducing the weight and size characteristics is due to better use of the space between the cores, there is no need to apply a large amount of interphase filler. At the booth Holding cable samples one could visually see the difference in size and weight.

The main advantage is that the use of three-core cables sector shaped virtually excludes normal operating mode induced currents in a metal screen, which provides reduced maintenance costs and reduces losses. Since the external diameter is smaller, it can accommodate a large length of the drum, thereby decreasing the number of couplings when laying the cable line and the number of drums required, thus reducing transportation and storage costs. Cable occupies less space, space is saved, and there is the opportunity to place a larger number of cables or the distance between cables is increased, thus there is a more efficient exothermic diversion, which in turn leads to an increase in load current. In general, all these factors reduce the capital cost of construction and operation of cable lines, thus greatly reduced costs throughout the life cycle.

Today, the choice of the fitting armature has been finished. Such companies as 3M and Tyco Electronics developed the installation of manual clutch. The asembly of coupling does not cause difficulties, as an electrically conductive shield insulation is made of special material and is easily removable, it does not require the use of special tools.

Experience in the supply of cables with sector-shaped conductors has already 3.5 km of cable laid to connect the IKEA warehouse in the north of Moscow, which was also carried out for the delivery of pilot operation the company HST. At the moment, there is an installation cable for power supply of educational building VGIK film studio

Источник: ООО "Холдинг Кабельный Альянс"

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