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"Special systems and technologies" industry successfully passed the system audit of management

Special systems and technologies  industry successfully passed the system audit of management

15 июня 2015, 22:03
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In April 2015 “Special systems and technologies”  industry successfully passed the system audit of management in conformity with international standards ISO 9001 and IEC 80079-34 in order to confirm the operation of international certificates IEC Ex for products, manufactured in explosion-proof version.

“Special systems and technologies” is the producer of electric boosting systems designed for the work in dangerously explosive zones. International certificates IEC are made for such equipment. For getting these certificates it is necessary to confirm the conformity of the management system of producing quality with international standards ISO/IEC 80079-34. This standard establishes extra specific requirements of international standard ISO 9001 for producers of explosion-proof equipment. In April 2015 “SST” company passed the audit, which was organized by the agency of certification NANIO «CSVE», without any reproofs.  According to the results of these audit, the operation of certificates IEC Ex for electric boosting systems of pipe ranges IRSN-15000 (skin system) and self-adjusting infrared heat tapeNT* and VТ* with sets for plugging was confirmed.


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