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Эксклюзив is summing up the results of Electro-2015 is summing up the results of Electro-2015

27 июля 2015, 01:27
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The exhibition “Electro-2015” finished on June 11th and one more time it confirmed the title of the largest and the most important event for electrical industry of Russia and Commonwealth of Independent States countries. According to the leader's words Linara Sabirova, despite existing crisis conditions the exhibition kept its firm positions and showed an importance of keeping and maintaining of business contacts in such a period. The geography of participants impressed again: leading European countries, China,  and even South Korea, 12 companies, which made their debut at “Electro” this year. Minister of industry and trade of the Czech Republic Jan Mladek noticed: Czech companies that took part in “Electro-2015” “regarded their active participation as a matter of prestige”. It is also important that the exhibition was given a title of an official event of the International year of light and light technologies, UNESCO was given such a title in 2015, too.

The program of “Electro-2015” was very rich and diverse: within the bounds of the event specialized conferences, seminars and forums took place, for example, “Revolving and small power engineering”, “Power efficient city: infrastructure of the future”, “The Czech day”, which ambassador of the Czech Republic Vladimir Remek visited, and the forum “The ways of realization of the import substitution program” an organizer and general information partner of which became the portal RusCable.Ru. A great attention was paid to the national producer and its novelties: in a special project “ElectroPark”, which was organized within the bounds of the exposition “Made in Russia”, the newest working outs of 15 Russian companies were represented.

At “Electro-2015” the forum “Rugrids-Electro”. Russian nets. New opportunities” was announced. This forum will take place here, in the “Exhibition Center” from October 20th to 23rd. Within the bounds of the forum the most important questions of power engineering development of the country, the search of optimal solutions and innovations in this field will be considered.  An assistant of the general director of technical policy of OJSC “Rusnets”, that organizes Rugrids-Electro-2015, Roman Berdnickov said that the forum would become an impotant step on the way of experience exchange between leading Russian companies and woul allow to demonstrate science and technical potential in the field of power engineering of our country.

As a leading information partner of the exhibition RusCable.Ru organized a special offer for participants of “Electro-2015”. Exhibitors which used it took part in an interview and the videos of them will be soon available for visitors of the portal. Representatives of the largest Russian and foreign companies shared their impressions about the event and opinions of power engineering questions. Among them were LLC “WAGO Contact Rus”, LLC “Rittal”,  LLC “Phoenix Contact RUS”, LLC “Ryazan factory of cable constructions”, CJSC “MPO Electromontazh”, T. Plast, EKF, OEZ (the Czech Republic), TBEA DEYANG CABLE CO., (China).

There soon will be other materials from the exhibition, for example, press-release abou a behind the doors meeting devoted to low toxic cables with LTx. Within the bounds of the meeting the results of the first stage of works were summed up and the next steps were discussed, too.

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