“Sevkabel” has delivered cable products for the Belorussian Nuclear Power Plant

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The group of companies “Sevkabel” has delivered a 10kV cross-linked polyethylene cable to Grodno Region for the building of the Belorussian Nuclear Power Plant. By now withon the bounds of the agreement with the company “Belektromontazh” cable products on the sum of 105 million rubles have been dispatched. The total sum of the contract is 188 million rubles.

“In may 2015 “Sevkabel” won a tender organized by the company “Belelectromontazh” of the supplies of cable conducting products for the building of the Belorussian Nuclear Power Plant”, the acting commercial director of the group of companies “Sevkabel” Aleksey Kaukiaynen said. “A part of products has been already delivered, in plans is the delivery of three parts of cables till the end of October 2015. “Sevkabel” regards “Belelectromontazh” as its strategic partner, we are interested in the further collaboration and are going to participate in new tenders of cable products deliveries”, he claimed.

The Belorussian Nuclear Power Plant is being built (full construction) in Astravayets District in Grodno Region by Russian specialists (the general contractor is “Atomstroyexport”) with participation of Belorussian subcontractors. According to the contract the Russian side will build two power blocks of total capacity 2400 Mvt with a reactor installation V-491. Maintenance of the first power block is going to happen in November 2018 and the second one in July 2020.

“Belelectromontazh” is the largest wiring organization of a building complex in Belorussia and it successfully works at the market of building services in Belorussia, Russia, Lithuania, Venezuela.

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