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The portal RusCable.Ru is one of the five best cited MEDIA of Energy Industry

The portal RusCable.Ru is one of the five best cited MEDIA of Energy Industry

9 сентября 2015, 17:58
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The “Medialogia” company has prepared a rating of the best cited MEDIA of Energy Industry in the social media for the quarter of 2015. According to the report RusCable.Ru takes the 4th place with an index of 2771 hyperlinks for 3 months of 2015.

The period of the analysis is 3 months- from April to June 2015. The rating has been made of the quantity of links to MEDIA messages located by users in their accounts in social media. For each article statistic information has been extracted by means provided by the places itself, messages of micro blogs (Twitter) and “share” (Facebook and vkontakte) are taken into consideration. For the formation of the rating links to MEDIA materials of Energy Industry were taken into consideration, too.

“Medialogia” is an independent Russian research company in the field of MEDIA specialized in media analysis in real time. “Medialogia” solves monitoring tasks and analysis of MEDIA, allows to form a correct estimate of PR efficiency and marketing communications.

Since 2013 Medialogia has been a developer of an automatic system of monitoring and analysis of MEDIA in real time. More than 200 employees ensure a day-and-night timetable. They are engineers-developers, linguists, analysts, experts in the field of MEDIA and PR.

More than 26000 MEDIA come into the database day-and-night: information agencies, newspapers, magazines, radio, internet and 92 million of sources of social media. Text versions of TV programs of the main federal channels are also available: Channel One Russia, Russia-1, NTV, REN TV, TV Tsentr, RBC Information Systems.

The information analytical portal of an electric power sector RusCable.Ru- the first registered MEDIA in an electrotechnical segment of the Internet (EL № FS77-28661 certificate given by the Federal service of surveillance in the field of mass communications and protection of cultural heritage), is a supplier and generator of news, article, photo and video content for the widest and most professional audience of power engineering and electric equipment.

Since 2012 the portal, one of the first industry sources, has been supporting its official agencies in leading social medias for maximum availability of information among specialists of the industry.

RusCable channels are available in social nets today:
Mediaholding in Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mediaholding,
The portal RusCable in Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ruscable.ru
The portal RusCable in vkontakte: http://vk.com/ruscable,
The portal RusCable in Twitter: http://twitter.com/ruscableru,
The portal RusCable in YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/mediaholdingruscable,
The portal RusCable in LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/company/ruscable,
The portal RusCable in Instagram: http://instagram.com/ruscableru,
Mediaholding in Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/u/0/+mediaholdingruscable/


Компания: RusCable.Ru

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