Rugrids-Electro-2015: big plans for a big exhibition

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This autumn RusCable.Ru will take part in organization of the international electric power forum "Rugrids-Electro. Russian nets. New opportunities". The portal is a general information partner of the exhibition and will quickly inform readers of its motion, key events, will present photos, interviews, press-releases, like it was last year.

During 3 days -from October 20th to 23rd- the digital computer complex “Ekspotsentr” will receive one of the main events in electrotechnical industry of Russia, carried out with the help of the Ministry of Energy and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation.

As it was last year “Rugrids-Electro” will open new opportunities and perspectives for the development of Russian and foreign companies, it will become a place for the discussion of actual questions of electric power field, an efficient search of ways of a mutually beneficial collaboration, exchange of experience and innovative solutions. Except domestic enterprises, companies from European countries and Asian states applied for the participation in the exhibition. Among them are grid and generative companies, equipment producers and developers, experts in the field of power engineering. Representatives of federal and also regional legislative and executive powers, scientific organizations and social associations will take part. The number of representatives is going to be about 5000.

At an area of 20000 square meters expositions will be placed in not only traditional subject zones (“Producers of equipment”, “Building and engineering”, “Electric equipment”. “International and regional exposition”), but also in new places- “Electromobiles”, “Podium for innovations”, “A clever house”, “Small and medium business”, which will absolutely be interesting for guests and participants of the exhibition.

A business program, including more than half a hundred events where there will be discussions on topics of energy equipment, building, engineering, electric safety, fire safety, electric power supply, energy efficiency, investments, import substitution, science and education in the field of electric power, will become another important part of “Rugrids-Electro-2015”. RusCable.Ru will also participate in a business program and will follow the events in order to provide visitors of the portal with fresh and actual information.


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