“Sevcable” and “Boncom” have concluded a dealer agreement on cable deliveries to Belorussia

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The group “Sevcable” and the company “Boncom” have concluded a dealer agreement on realization of cable conductor products of the production of the group of companies “Sevcable” in Belorussia. After the conclusion of the agreement “Boncom” became an exclusive representative of “Sevcable” in Belorussia. To the end of 2015 the group of companies “Sevcable” is going to deliver cable products on the total sum of 250 million rubles.

“The dealer agreement with the company “Boncom” will allow us to systematize deliveries of Petersburg cable in Belorussia, the group of companies “Sevcable” reserves the right to participate in direct deliveries of cable by the customer's demand or if it is a main demand of a competitive documentation”, acting commercial director of the group of companies “Sevcable” Aleksey Kaukiaynen emphasized.- “Boncom” has large warehouses that are equipped with necessary equipment for cable loading and winding off. In 2016 we are going to continue the collaboration with “Boncom” and reach the volumes of deliveries of cable products on the sum of 600 million rubles a year”, he added.

The company “Boncom” was founded in 1992 and it works more than 20 years at the market of cable conductor products. Among its regular clients are enterprises of the fuel and power complex, building and wiring organizations, industrial and agricultural enterprises.

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