A new forum “RUGRIDS-ELECTRO. Russian nets, New opportunities” has been opened

A new forum “RUGRIDS-ELECTRO. Russian nets, New opportunities” has been opened

10 ноября 2015, 18:06
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In October 20th the International electric power forum “RUGRIDS-ELECTRO. Russian nets. New opportunities.” started its work in Moscow “Expotsentr”. The organizers of the event were PJSC “Rosseti” and CJSC “Eexpotsentr” with the support of the Ministry of power industry and Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation. RusCable.Ru was traditionally a general information internet partner of the forum.

The aim of “Rugrids-Electro” 2015 is demonstration of the potential of the electric power industry of Russia for the realization of a qualitative jerk under the conditions of necessity of  the rise of efficiency under the conditions of fast changes in the world economy.

For the first hour of work of the forum a number of agreements were signed, in particular: between PJSC “Rosseti” and OJSC “Grid company”, a memorandum between “Yantarenergo” and State Grid (China).
PJSC “Rosseti” and the “1C” firm concluded a general agreement in the field of building a united system of management of affiliate companies PJSC “Rosseti” at the platform “1C: Enterprise 8”.

PJSC “MRSK of the South” represented R&D “Inculcation of microprocessor blockings of 110kV disconnectors of a new generation”.

The key events of the first day were debates “Is power engineering in Russia a national technological mode of production or a “mirror” of the world tendencies of development?” and a round-table discussion, devoted to the questions of an efficient co-operation of a small and big business in power engineering.

During the round-table discussion “A small and medium business. How to adjust the co-operation?”  at the Forum “Rugrids-Electro” representatives of the Russian social organization of a small and medium business “OPORA Rossii”, PJSC “Rosseti”, authorities, the “Skolkovo” fund and the Fund of the Development of Internet Initiatives appreciated the situation at the wholesale and retail markets of electric power.

In the “Ecosystem of Innovations” zone of “Rugrids-Electro” specialists of the “Tumenenergo” company represented working outs the use of which would help not only to increase the reliability of the net but also to reduce maintenance costs of energy objects.

Within the bounds of the PJSC “Rosseti” exposition a presentation of own innovative working outs of affiliate companies of the group of companies was organized. In the “zone of innovations” “MRSK of Ural” represented a working out of the “Chelyabenergo” office – a system of protection during breaks of live and neutral wires on air power lines of 0,4kV voltage.

PJSC “Lenenergo” represented a device of signal transmission of a relay protection of automation.

There was also a discussion “The territory of an outrunning development, special economy zones, industrial and technoparks are an incubator for innovations”. Participants of the forum discussed questions of a sovereign generation. The RNK SIGRE company invited experts for the discussion of experience and perspectives of inculcation of technologies of direct current in EEC of Russia. Students of MPEI took part in an interesting technological quest.

The “Skolkovo” Fund represented 6 start-ups in the exposition.

Director on a strategic marketing of GS Group Andrey Bezruckov took part in the annual international forum “Rugrids-Electro. Russian nets. New opportunities”. The speaker represented a conception of creation of a private innovative cluster “Technopolis GS” in Kaliningrad region and perspectives of its development in the field of working out and production of solutions for the “clever power engineering”.

PJSC “MRSK of Siberia” showed its innovation to colleagues – a reusable fabricated and dismountable stand-by VL 35-110kV .

PJSC “MRSK of Volga” demonstrated a devise that increased  reliability of electric supply- a compact arcing set with improved characteristics for the compensation of capacitive currents of a single-phase short circuit to the “ground”, where a neutral forming transformer and an arcing reactor are combined in one construction.

PJSC “Federal Research Center” and NRU “MPEI” signed an agreement of collaboration. General director of PJSC “Federal Research Center” Sergey Titov and rector of NRU “MPEI” Nickolay Rogalev signed it. Students of NRU “MPEI” passed a quest “Build a distribution network”. The participants “collected” elements of the distribution network.

All in all the business program “Rugrids-Electro” includes a large number of debatable and interactive events and also the largest exhibition for demonstration of a scientific and technical potential in the field of power engineering.

The “Territory of electric cars” zone was also organized at the forum. It allowed to see modern models of electric cars and charging stations by the international companies and also to pass a test-drive of any of the represented electric cars: Renault Twizy, Renault Kangoo Z.E., Nissan Leaf, Volkswagen Golf, Mitsubishi i-MiEV, Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV.

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