The conclusion, which broadens access of the use of products of the group of companies “Sevcable” at the objects of OJSC “Rosseti”, was signed

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Источник: ГК "Севкабель"

On November 6th in OJSC “Rosseti” the conclusion of a certifying commission, which broadens access of the use of high-voltage cables of the group of companies “Sevcable” with a core section up to 1200 mm2 at the objects of the company, was signed. A list of labels of the armature with which the cable of the GC “Sevcable” was allowed to be used was also added.

Before that the company could deliver cable only with the armature Pfistrerer; now connections of Sudkabel and Tyco Electronics Rychem production also added the list. Nowadays the producer will get an opportunity to deliver 110kV cables to the leading objects of OJSC “Rosseti” and affiliate companies and also to large industrial enterprises. Clients will be able to choose variants of completing of cable lines with the armature in conformity with a technical and economical expediency of a concrete project and also get a highly qualified support of the specialists of the company during a design and wiring.

Due to the getting of a certificate, the group of companies “Sevcable” will strengthen its positions at a cable market for high voltage. Nowadays in St Petersburg an extensive program of the renovation and development of 110kV electric grids is being carried out and in many projects of this program the use of cables with  a core section up to 1200 mm2   has been foreseen. So, products of a local producer will be delivered to power objects of St Petersburg and the group of companies “Sevcable” will be able to reach its aim- to become a leading supplier of 110kV cable in the North-West federal county.

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