The group of companies “Sevcable” continues to supply cable-conductor products for the building of the cosmodrome “Vostochniy”

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Источник: ГК "Севкабель"

80 km of cables for general industrial use ВВГнг(А)-LS, КВВГнг(А)-LS, ПвКШПп, ПвКПг, ПуГВ and others were loaded by the group of companies “Sevcable” in October at the cosmodrome “Vostochniy”, that is built near Uglegorsk in Amur Region.

This is not the first supply of products of the GC “Sevcable” to this object. In spring and summer 2015 18 standard sizes of cables of Cabtron® line of a total length of about 35 km were loaded for the building of the cosmodrome. The products were intended for the building of water intake buildings of a town for the living of operational staff of the cosmodrome. Cabtron®  cables, which appeared at the market in 2014, are an import substitutional working out which according to a number of technical characteristics exceeds western analogues such as MEDIA Strip®  and CREOLON® . The characteristics of Cabtron®  cables allow to use them in the infrastructure of strategically important objects, that submit heightened requirements to fire and explosion safety of cable grids and their stability to negative external influences.

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