For the benefit of defence power of the country

For the benefit of defence power of the country

31 января 2016, 21:08
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From March 15th to 17th the International exhibition CABEX-2016 will take place in the Cultural Exhibition Center “Sokolniki”. It will be opened with the business-conference “Cable and conductor products for needs of the Defence Industry of Russia: specific features of work under conditions of tasks of modernization”. The RusCable.Ru portal has supported the event and is a general information partner.

The actuality of the conference, which will take place on March 15th from 1.30 pm to 6 pm, depends of the following factors. The part of defence expenses in the budget of the country is rather large and it means that the Defence Industry of Russia must be the main driver of innovative technologies in the country. In the Russian armed forces there are scale renovations- military building has risen in eight times for 2015. All these allow to increase the potential of participation of producers in building of objects of military and social infrastructure of the army and navy including the programs of import substitution.

Within the bounds of the conference questions will be taken into consideration and practical recommendations, which touch upon the potential of participation of Russian producers of cable and conductor products in programs of import substitution during the building of objects of military and social infrastructure of the army and navy, purchases within the bounds of the state defense order and building of objects of military infrastructure, certification of cable products used in the defense and industrial complex and so on, will be given. Representatives of the Ministry of Defense  of Russia, The Ministry of Industry and Trade (Russia), Spetsstroy, the main Department of arrangement of armies, JSC “Oboronstroy”, the “Helicopters of Russia” holding, the “Rosatom” corporation, JSC “Rosenergoatom concern”, Russian Research Institute of standardization and certification in mechanical engineering and Academy of Military Science have been invited to discuss these tasks. The conference will also become a platform for the presentation of new solutions of cable industry.

The organizer of the conference is the Agency of business communications “Priority”, which has a great experience in questions of organization and carrying out of scale business events oriented towards collaboration of the government, business and public organizations within the bounds of a united communication platform. The themes of the events spread all over a wide spectrum of actual and technical and economical, public and political problems which stand in front of modern Russia.

The collaboration between the main sectoral information resource of the electrotechnical branch RusCable.Ru and the agency can be considered as a very perspective one. It is expected that carrying out of a more number of business events, which will help in strengthening and growing of communications between specialists and regulating structures, will become a result of the signed agreement of partnership. All these measures will give an impulse in the development of the domestic industry.

By the way, the RusCable.Ru portal always supports the themes of the Defence Industry of Russia actively. Thus, in September it will again become an information partner of the International military and technical forum “Army-2016” and speak about a power sector.

CABEX is a single exhibition of cable and conductor products in Russia. It is 15th time it has been carried out and our portal is its general information partner the most part of time. As usually,  CABEX-2016 promises to become a very scale event and to repeat or even excel last year's indexes.: more than 4000 visitors and more than 120 participants. Among the latest are the world leaders of the cable market, producers and suppliers of cables and wires in Russia and abroad, producers and suppliers of accessories for wires and cables for power, electrotechnical sectors, for the field of communication and telecommunication, oil and gas and mining industry, mechanical engineering and shipbuilding, for Russian Railways infrastructure and building. The special theme of CABEX-2016 is an optical cable.

You can follow all the main events and news about the exhibition in messages within the bounds of a special topic “CABEX-2016” on our portal.

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