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RusCable.Ru is making a business calendar- 2016

RusCable.Ru is making a business calendar- 2016

13 марта 2016, 19:34
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The portal has actively begun this year and it plans for the future.

The tasks have been determined

For RusCable.Ru 2016 has begun very productively: even January, which we consider as a “lazy” month, was very intense. For just two working weeks the team of the portal managed to do a lot and laid the strong foundation for further work in 2016. Thus, a few important sections were updated ( for example, “Cable instrument” in “Reference Books”). Work in this direction is goes on.

The calendar of events for this year is in the process of formation and it promises to be not less intense than 2015. RusCable.Ru has already been chosen as an information partner by more than 30 exhibitions and forums of electrical and power sectors. The section “Exhibitions” contains full information – dates and places of events, description, information about participants. Besides, the portal will continue to act as an organizer and partner of events. For instance, on March 15th the business- conference  “Cable conductor products for the needs of Defence Industry of Russia: specific of work under conditions of tasks of modernization” will take place.

Rich heritage of 2015

Looking back, we want to emphasize that in 2015 the portal told its users about 147 congress and exhibition events, shared its detailed reports, colourful photos and video materials. And again RusCable.Ru continues to choose largest companies, which see in its face a reliable partner with which it is interesting, comfortable and profitable to work. This is a direct confirmation that the portal has a large and active audience, efficient canals of spreading information and a high degree of  trust of representatives of government structures. It is not without a reason that the media holding “RusCable” and the portal RusCable.Ru received an official message of thanks from PJSC “FGC UES” for organization and interpretation of the round-the-table discussion “Import substitution: borders of power safety”, which took place on December 2nd within the bounds of the exhibition “Electric grids of Russia- 2015”.

Experienced conductor of the sector and reliable partner

Every day thousands of people look for information about events, follow news of leaders in the sector, discuss the given information on the professional forum, get interested in in the situation in the world and in the country. All these is necessary for taking solutions in business.

Valuing of trends and directions is everything the user visits RusCable.Ru. The expert union, formed during many years, determines the portal as a source of actual, reliable information, which deserves attention. A large audience of users trusts RusCable.Ru. There are a lot of reviews, rewards and gratitude, highest index of quoting in runet.

The portal thanks everyone, who chooses it as a partner and highly appreciate its importance for casting a new light on events of electrical sector. Such relations allow all the sides to improve constantly. We can call the partnership a strategic union, which is one of the basis of success for its participants. This is especially important in the conditions of a new, uneasy economic situation, because the partnership provides with extra sources, gives new possibilities, allows to concentrate on the main tasks and to gain a competitive advantage.

Having understood this, RusCable.Ru invites organizations for information partnership. During the nearest months the portal is going to tell about the most important events, which are absolutely necessary to be visited. Follow the news, write and phone- the portal is open for new contacts and new collaboration!

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