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15th Anniversary International Exhibition for Cables, Wires, Fastening Hardware and Installation Technologies Cabex 2016 will be held at Sokolniki ECC on March 15-17. Organisers: ITE Group, All-Russian Research Institute for Cable Industry (VNIIKP), Elektrokabel Association.

Cabex is a business event significant for the industry and demonstrating up-to-date achievements in the area of production of cabling and wiring products for experts operating in the field of power generation, electric engineering and machine building industries as well as employees and executives of construction and installation organizations, transport companies, workers of oil&gas and mining industries, communications, telecommunications and other industries.

Over 152 companies from 10 countries will exhibit at Cabex this year: Russia, Belarus, Germany, France, India, China, Serbia, Italy, Moldova and Great Britain.  These are the leading domestic and foreign manufacturers and suppliers of cabling and wiring products.

Exhibitors will demonstrate innovative products in the field of production of cables and wires, cable accessories, wiring products, cable mounting and processing equipment, cable systems and technologies for routing and mounting.

The following companies exhibit at Cabex constantly for all 15 years: VNIIKP, Belaruskabel, Kavkazkabel Cable Plant, Kamsky Kabel, Podolskkabel, SKK/Farial TC, Sevkabel Group, Energokomplekt PA, RusCable.Ru portal.

This year Cabex offers experts a wide range of products for construction and development of fiber-optic communications networks that is a state-of-the-art technology at the present time. In recent years the active development of telecommunications infrastructure and integrated state information systems in the regions of Russia has provided increased demand for equipment and cabling and wiring products. Elimination of digital inequality and provision of equal opportunities to use modern communications services for all citizens of the regions including high-speed Internet access as well as securing communications services for social facilities including schools, hospitals and government agencies are the most principal tasks today. At Cabex 2016 optical products will be presented by Beltelekabel, VNIIKP TC, Podolskkabel, Moskabelmet, KabelElektroSvyaz, OKB KP, RCB, Russian Cable Company, Saranskkabel-Optika, Techno SDO, Cable Alliance Holding and other companies.

Rezhevskiy Cable Plant is one of the largest manufacturers of cabling and wiring products in Ural region. It will present a mounting cable for industrial automation systems at its stand.

Sevkabel will demonstrate cables with ethylene-propylene rubber insulation under Cabtron® brand, Cabprotech® cable with CLP-insulation and polymer compound sheath not containing halogens and a new product in 2015 – Robastech® cable with micaglass band insulation.

Saranskkabel-Optika is one of the leading manufacturer of fiber-optic cables in Russia. It will offer experts "lightweight" optic cables with a central tube, microcables, suspended cables, multipurpose cables for municipal communications networks. The cables feature reduced weight and size and that sets them apart by ease of mounting and cost saving.
A wide range of cabling and wiring products of low fire hazard designed for electrical engineering industry will be demonstrated by Kaluga Cable Plant that manufactures quality and competitive cable products for more than 20 years.

Exhibition Primary Sponsor: Xinming
General Information Partner: RusCable.Ru

Business Programme

Business Conference: "Cabling and wiring products for the needs of industry and military industrial complex: specificity of work in the conditions of modernization tasks" will open the Business Programme on March 15. The Conference will be held with the support of the Committee on Industry of the State Duma, Federal Special Construction Agency (Spetsstroy of Russia) and Oboronenergo. Over 150 delegates will take part in its work. The key blocks of the Conference Programme will highlight relevant issues. Practical recommendations concerning specificity of procurement activities carried out by companies of military industrial complex, specific features of evaluation and certification of products used will be given to manufacturers of cabling and wiring products.

Seminar: "Cable industry today" will be traditionally held on the second day of the exhibition on March 16. The event is organized by VNIIKP OJSC and Elektrokabel Association. The Seminar consists of two sessions: "New developments of fiber-optic cables in Russia" and "Competitive growth of cable products domestic market".
Conferences "Effective management of cable production" and "Raw materials & color masterbatches for production of special grades of cable insulation/sheathing: HFFR; EPDM/rubber cables; XLPE; heat-resistant PVC cables T2/T3" will be held at the same time with VNIIKP seminar.

The Business Programme will be finished on March 17 by Round Table Discussion: "Photonics: a foundation for creation of a smart electric power system" organized by Rosseti PJSC. Experts will discuss issues of application of various electrical devices based on photonics effects, their requirements, need for these materials and technologies. General issues concerning development of photonics technologies in Russia and problems hindering active promotion and integration of these technologies will be also considered.  The following officials will attend the round table discussion: Vladimir Sofyin, Director of Process Development and Innovations Department (Rosseti PJSC); Aleksey Kulapin, Director of the State Energy Policy Department, Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation; Oleg Bindar, Director of Equipment Manufacturer Department (Rosseti PJSC); Roman Shulginov, Director of Corporate and Process Automated Management Systems (Rosseti PJSC) and other speakers.

Experts can download an e-ticket at the exhibition website to visit the Exhibition for free.

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