wire Russia 2017: "RusCable Insider Digest WIRE-2017" special issue announcement

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wire Russia 2015 exposition (courtesy of RusCable.Ru)

wire Russia 2015 exposition (courtesy of RusCable.Ru)

wire Russia 2015 exposition (courtesy of RusCable.Ru)

wire Russia 2015 exposition (courtesy of RusCable.Ru)

wire Russia 2015 exposition (courtesy of RusCable.Ru)

wire Russia 2015 exposition (courtesy of RusCable.Ru)

Leading industry mass media on Russia internet segment, the general information partner of the exhibition «wire Russia 2017», RusCable.Ru portal invites all exhibitor companies to participate in the publication of a special issue of RusCable Insider Digest, which we are preparing specifically for «wire Russia 2017»!

«wire Russia 2017» is one of the most anticipated and important events in the field of wire and cable production in Russia and will be covered by our portal in depth, including reports, interviews, photo and video shooting, and creation of a special issue of RusCable Insider Digest. In just 9 months of its existence this digest has already attracted considerable interest praising its main feature: every week all important News of the market are sorted out and collected in a convenient digest format which is mailed every Monday free of charge directly to subscriber’s e-mail. Among the subscribers of the publication are managers of manufacturing plants, consumers of cable products, as well as all market participants interested in obtaining a ready-made short and capacious «report» that allows management making decisions on time or even earlier than colleagues.

«RusCable Insider Digest WIRE-2017» special issue will be prepared as grand summing-up of the «wire Russia 2017» exhibition in such a way as to summarize the most important moments of the event, identify key companies, and keynote innovations.
RusCable.Ru invites all exhibitor companies to participate in creation of this special issue by submitting materials in form of «news», with following requirements:

  1. the text block should not exceed 500 characters;
  2. graphic material (logo, photos) should be sent by a separate file in the format of psd, ai or cdr. For the photo, we accept the high resolution jpg format;
  3. the information block should include: a header (for example, "company X introduced product Y"); contact information (address, telephone, web-site, e-mail), if there is a representative office in Russia – it must be specified; text containing information about the products presented at the exhibition, its features, characteristics, specialization of the company's work; several photos (production, products, enterprises, etc.); company logo.

Date of providing information: until June 1, 2017.
Date of final approval: June 12, 2017.
Submission and approval of materials: insider@ruscable.ru

For company exhibitor, publication on the digest pages will strengthen the presence on the Russian market. This is an opportunity to tell about the reliability and quality of your products to hundreds of digest readers and thousands of users of RusCable.Ru portal.

For more information about «RusCable Insider Digest WIRE-2017» special issue and other formats of placement in the issue which will provide a broader representation profile (such as: interview, article, photoblock, etc.), please contact us at: insider@ruscable.ru

All published issues of RusCable Insider Digest are available for public access on the special page «Publications» of the RusCable.Ru portal: https://www.ruscable.ru/press/insider/content.html

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