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Regional energy efficiency rating to be presented at Russian Energy Week

Regional energy efficiency rating to be presented at Russian Energy Week

5 сентября 2017, 18:25
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The Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation has presented a preliminary list of the regions that are leaders in the energy efficiency rating.

Due to differences in the level of financial security (most components of the rating are directly related to budget capacity) and the specifics of the regions, the regions of the Russian Federation were divided into three groups.

Top three by category:

High fiscal capacity:

  1. St. Petersburg
  2. Moscow
  3. Republic of Tatarstan

Average fiscal capacity:

  1. Murmansk Region
  2. Lipetsk Region
  3. Udmurt Republic

Below average fiscal capacity:

  1. Stavropol Territory
  2. Mari El Republic
  3. Chuvash Republic–Chuvashia

A final tally will be provided for the regional energy efficiency assessment during Russian Energy Week on 3–7 October.

The rating took into account such indicators as a reduction in the energy intensity of the gross regional product, energy efficiency in construction and major repairs, the lighting and heating efficiency of buildings in the budget-funded sector, the promotion of an energy saving lifestyle, and the proportion of sectoral state programmes that include energy efficiency indicators.

The full version of the regional energy efficiency rating will be presented by the Ministry of Energy during Russian Energy Week.

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