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UAE’s FEWA to build $181mn power plants in Ajman

UAE’s FEWA to build $181mn power plants in Ajman

25 декабря 2017, 08:46
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The United Arab Emirate’s Federal Authority for Electricity and Water (FEWA) has announced plans to boost power supply in the emirate of Ajman with the construction of new power plants that will cost $181mn.

The additional installed capacity is expected to support the future projects of residential, industrial and tourist complexes in the emirate, according to Mohammed Mohammed Saleh, FEWA Director General.

FEWA has also finalised plans for the construction of a 132/11 kV power plant and 132 kV cables in the new Ajman area, at a cost of Dhs95m, which is expected to be auctioned in 2019 while the completion is expected to be in 2022, according to Saleh.

The utility hopes to take delivery of the projects from contractors in 2018, including the construction of three main 132/33/11 kV power plants and 132 kV cables in the new hill area, the new Al Jaraf area and the new Emirates City, at a total cost of Dhs433m.

Projects under construction also include the construction of two 33/11 kV power plants and 33 kV power cable lines in the new Safia area and Ajman Industrial Zone, at a cost of Dhs78m, according to Saleh.

Saleh pointed out that Fewa is in the process of bidding for the construction of a 33/11 KV power plant and 33 kV cables, in the new Al Montazy area, at a cost of Dhs58m.



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