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Replacement cable for Wando Bridge manufactured in Dorchester County

4 июня 2018, 08:52 794 Время чтения ≈ 1 мин

At an SCDOT press conference today, officials said that a company in the Summerville area manufactured the replacement cable for the Wando Bridge.

A plant manager at the plant said that Strand Tech Manufacturing delivered the cable for the bridge last week.

"We're very appreciative of them having this cable on site," said Leland Colvin, the Deputy Secretary for Engineering of the South Carolina Department of Transportation.

The material that is being used for the repair is called 7-wire prestressed concrete strand ​and it was created at a plant on Deming Way in unincorporated Dorchester County.

"It's one of those seven strand wire ropes, we'll put 19 of these together to make up that one big cable," said Colvin.

The plant manager said that Strand Tech Manufacturing did not provide material for the original construction of the Wando Bridge. However, two years ago it did provide spools of the cable for the repair of the bridge.

After the replacement cables are installed and the repair project is complete, the bridge is expected to reopen on June 11.


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