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Hengtong’s "Global Green project" was officially launched

Hengtong’s Global Green project was officially launched

12 апреля 2019, 15:40
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March 12 is the Chinese Tree-Planting Day. Responding to the call of Protection of the environment and Sustainable development, Hengtong is launching the global green project with its 9 manufactory bases in global on the Arbor Day.

Hengtong Forest Phase Ⅱ is starting in the Taihu Lake Mystic Camp, Qidou Town, Wujiang District, Suzhou City, China where Hengtong started. With this opportunity, Hengtong officially kicked off the 2019 "Global Green Action" prelude.

“Hengtong Forest”, a large environmental welfare brand of Hengtong Group, is the icon project of Global Green Project. Starting from the Qidu Town, Wujiang, the birthplace of Hengtong Group, together with 9 bases all over the world, Hengtong carries out afforestation and environmental protection activities in the world. Hengtong now has 20,000 employees. And the Hengtong Forest plan will plant 20,000 trees for them in the next 3-5 years. Through this action, the concept of green environmental protection is transmitted to more people and influence them to participate in the environment protection events.

The Hengtong Forest is one part of Hengtong's Global Green Project. On the day of the event, Hengtong’s 9 bases in global also participates in the Hengtong Forest program through various green-planting and green-protection activities.

Shen Xiaohong, Vice Chairman of the Labour Union of Hengtong Group, revealed that in 2019, Hengtong’s companies all over the world will continue to carry out various green environmental voluntary activities. Hengtong always shoulders social responsibility and undertake green environmental protection mission.

In the launch ceremony, the Taihu Lake Town Volunteer Walking and Environmental Knowledge Q&A are also held simultaneously. Through these green and healthy activities, the concept of green and environmental protection will be passed on to more participants, which will not only make Hengtong Forest representing green and hope to take root all over the country, but also let more and more people join in the green environmental protection events.

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