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  • 24 августа 2015, 23:29.
    The group of companies “Meridian” will build a cable line 110 kV between Vasilyevsky Island and Krestovsky Island in St.Petersburg

    The group of companies “Meridian” has won a tender of building a cable line 110 kV “Krestovskaya-Vasilyeostrovskaya” in St.Petersburg. The customer is OJSC “Lenenergo”. The sum of money of the contract is more than 830 million rubles. The end of works is going to be at the end of 2016.

  • 25 ноября 2014, 20:43.
    Composite conductor cable installed in Russia

     The first phase of an electrical transmission line upgrade is completed in Siberia. The composite-cored cable helped to increase the capacity of an existing 110kV transmission line.

  • 13 октября 2014, 01:34.
    GC "Meridian" finished zero cycle of construction of SS "Beshtau"

    Group of companies "Meridian" continues to build 110/10 kV "Beshtau" in Pyatigorsk. Special organization fully complies with earthworks, works on the foundation and slab casting at "zero.".

  • 05 мая 2014, 09:59.
    Group of companies "Meridian" was visited by a delegation from Denmark

    The GC "Meridian" received the delegation of heads of major companies from different sectors of the Danish industry. The visit was initiated by the Royal Danish Consulate General in St. Petersburg. The delegation included representatives from companies such as Siemens Energy, Telenor, Alcatel-Lucent Denmark, Smart Technologies and others.

  • 03 октября 2013, 09:53.
    GC "Meridian" won the competition for the construction design work for the of 220 kV Substation "Malachite" - SS "Marble"
    The company "SevZapEnergoInzhiniring" (OOO "SZEI"), еру part of the Civil Code "Meridian", won the tender for the engineering research and development of design estimates for construction of 220 kV Substation "Malachite" - SS "Marble" with the expansion of 220 kV PS "Malachite" and the expansion of 220 kV Substation "Marble" ...
  • 11 ноября 2008, 09:53.
    Компания "Meridian" сокращает рабочие места
    Многие компании говорят – надо винить плохое положение на рынках автомобильной и строительной индустрии. Экономический спад приводит к дальнейшему сокращению рабочих мест на северо-востоке Индианы. Более чем 200 рабочих будет сокращено в Хантингтоне и Форте Уэйн из-за падения на рынках продукции, которая там производится. В Форте Уэйн 24 постоянных работников будут временно уволены из ...
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