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  • 06 сентября 2015, 22:24.
    “Sevkabel” has delivered cable products for the Belorussian Nuclear Power Plant

    The group of companies “Sevkabel” has delivered a 10kV cross-linked polyethylene cable to Grodno Region for the building of the Belorussian Nuclear Power Plant. By now withon the bounds of the agreement with the company “Belektromontazh” cable products on the sum of 105 million rubles have been dispatched. The total sum of the contract is 188 million rubles.

  • 21 декабря 2014, 22:17.
    Technical Director of the "Sevkabel" Hengtong visited factories and exhibition Wire China 2014

    Technical director of the group of companies "Sevkabel" Pavel Tsvetkov visited the exhibition Wire China 2014 held in Shanghai. During the exhibition, meetings with the leadership of the Shanghai Research Institute of electrical cables and equipment manufacturers for the cable industry were held.

  • 21 июля 2014, 18:16.
    Group of companies "Sevkabel" entered the register of reliable partners

    Group of companies "Sevkabel" entered the register of Russian enterprises and entrepreneurs, financial and economic situation proves their reliability as partners for business in the Russian Federation and abroad.

  • 09 декабря 2013, 11:49.
    "Sevkabel" and Cellpack AG signed a cooperation memorandum
    The meeting of the management group "Sevkabel" and the Cellpack AG company took place in St. Petersburg. The negotiations were held by the GC " Sevkabel" where CEO Vladimir Bukhin and commercial director Sergei Urdin participated. Cellpack AG Company was represented by CEO Cellpack GmbH Electrical Products Joachim Tchira , Head of Eastern Market Jerzy Petrosyak , CEO in Russia ...
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