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Prysmian Group has gained a “tried-and-trusted partner” reputation among the big businesses in Russia

Prysmian Group has gained a “tried-and-trusted partner” reputation among the big businesses in Russia

20 апреля 2017, 17:55
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Prysmian Group goes on making successful steps to pave the way to the fair business environment and high quality standards on the Russian market. The company has become a tried-and-trusted partner for such big businesses as Russkiy Svet, ETM, ABC Electro, Rosseti, RusHydro, LenEnergo, FSK EES, Lukoil, and Gasprom.

Almost each of these companies actively works with Prysmian, showing confidence in its innovative and reliable products, and awards Prysmian during important events and exhibitions:

 - Skolkovo Exhibition (organized by Prysmian partner “Russkiy Svet”), where Prysmian presented the results of safe cable campaign;
 - exhibition in Perm (organized by “ETM” company);
 - The Annual International Cable Exhibition Cabeх-2017, where the Group presented the latest HV technologies (produced also at Prysmian Rybinsk plant) and a wide range of low voltage safety cables.

Please follow the link below to see an interview (in Russian) with Sergey  Kuznetsov, Prysmian Russia Sales Director for E&I and  OEM business, made at Cabex-2017: http://video.ruscable.ru/view-1743.html.

Prysmian will continue to actively cooperate with its partners at several events and exhibitions in 2017:

 - 17-18 of May - Exhibition Energo-Volga-2017 in Volgograd;
 - 01 of June – in Novosibirsk (in cooperation with “Russkiy Svet”);
 - October 2017 - Forum & Exposition RUGRIDS-ELECTRO in Moscow, where the company always presents its new high-tech know-hows.

Компания: Prysmian Group

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