Radiating Cable
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Radiating Cable


For train radio systems, mobile communications, etc., an important factor is to maintain high quality communications at all locations, such as in tunnels and underground as well as in open area. The radiating coaxial cable functions as a continuous antenna to solve FR coverage problems in shielded areas such as tunnels, building and other underground spaces. Slots in the outer conductor allow some of the transmission energy to radiate from inside toward outside of the cable and from an almost uniform electrical field circumferentially around the cable. Because of this feature, users can communicate by receiving the radiated energy with an adequately coupled radio antenna equipment. LG has a wide range of cables that are optimized for nearly every application.


Train radio and mobile communication system is subway. (Seoul metro in Korea, voice and date transmission at 150/320/1900MHz band through radiating cables.)
Mobile communication system in highway tunnel.
Fire alarm, emergency radio and paging system in underground street.
Mobile communication system in underground parking lot.


RFCX Series for wide range of FR-applications requiring multiple frequency bands, and for applications in harsh environments where robust mechanical performance and small bending radius are required.

RFCL Series for use in applications where the ruggedness of the cables is not required. These cables are made from a overlapped, thinner copper outer conductor over a foam dielectric covering the inner conductor.

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