General Information Sponsor of RusCable.Ru on the exhibition "Electrical Networks of Russia - 2013"

General Information Sponsor of RusCable.Ru on the exhibition Electrical Networks of Russia - 2013

15 ноября 2013, 14:54
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In Moscow, during the period from 3 to 6 December 2013 in the All-Russia Exhibition Center, the International Exhibition Center MOSEKSPO (pavilion number 75), the 16th specialized exhibition "Electrical Networks of Russia - 2013" will be held.

The exhibition and business program in the event contribute to the design and construction of transmission facilities, improvement of the management of the Unified National Power Grid Russia, raising the technical level of operation of electrical networks, reducing costs for electricity transmission, including losses in electric networks, upgrading the modernization of the electric grid facilities, reducing accidents and improving the reliability of transmission.

The exhibition " Electrical Networks of Russia " - is the best opportunity to get a complete picture of the market: supply and demand trends of further development , to get acquainted with the latest achievements of both domestic producers and foreign companies.
RusCable.Ru, is a reliable business partner on the event and is the general sponsor of the information on the Internet. The staff of the portal will be happy to welcome visitors and exhibitors on the stand № B- 218 pavilion , where you will learn about the new services and the services that will be announced in the near future , as well as upcoming events to be organized by RusCable.Ru.

Moreover, one of the points of the extensive business program of the exhibition is the Round Table: " The cable industry . An alternative view ", organized with the support of the Expert section" Cable industry ' Advisory Council under the Chairman of the Energy Committee of the State Duma of the Russian Federation . The main purpose of the event is to open the discussion about the most topical and controversial issues of cable sub-sectors.

Guests and participants will be free to attend the event , which will take place on December 3 in the conference room number 208 , Hall A ( 13:30 to 16:00 ) . About more information and the terms of participation in the round table you can learn on the portal RusCable.Ru.
Media holding " RusKabel " will prepare photo and video report on the results of the exhibition , which will be posted on RusCable.Ru and official channels of the portal in social networks.

All materials on the event "Electric Networks of Russia " of the past year can be found in the same plot.

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