Updating the program of accessories selection and fasteners calculating "OSTEC-Spec 2"

27 января 2014, 18:47 2223 Время чтения ≈ 1 мин
Источник: ТД Остек-Системы

The updated program «OSTEC- Spec 2 " (version 2.0.10 ), intended for selecting and calculating the amount of straight sections trays, covers , connectors , hardware , accessories and hangers required to build a specific length of cable routing is posted on the website under Software.

The new version presented the transitions of new design for PPL IFR PPC , PTP, php , six-meter ladders UFO flexible grounding jumper RFP . The range of perforated and non-perforated trays , baskets is completely renewed. Now all the trays, boxes in the program are with a new line of lap joints of the " male-female " type. Moreover box trays of new sizes appeared – with width 400 mm and height of the board 80 and 100 mm.
The errors and calculations and selection of hardware to connect all elements of the cable route have also been corrected.

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