Sevcable got the Cellpack certificate

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Источник: ГК "Севкабель"

"Sevkabel" received a certificate of Cellpack Electrical Products, which confirms the intention of the "Sevkabel" to supply its own cable production and cable gland Cellpack AG.

For its part, the plant Cellpack AG guarantees service of connecting and transitional types of couplings 1-35 kV voltage class during the factory warranty period ends.

Furthermore , Cellpack organizes training or certification of customer personnel responsible for the operation of the equipment supplied with the right installation on CC "Sevkabel" demand.

Commercial director of the group of "Sevkabel" companies Sergei Urdin explains: " Certification Cellpack extends the opportunities of GC" Sevkabel " on " turnkey " projects. Now the high voltage projects , which we started in 2008,are added to the low and medium voltage . In cooperation with Cellpack AG we can execute "turnkey"  projects of cable lines in low and medium voltage. "Sevkabel" will participate in more tenders and supply new Russian energy industry with quality solutions of three voltage class . "

Company Cellpack AG ( Switzerland - Germany ) is one of the leading manufacturers and service providers in Europe, which develops and manufactures cable gland for power cables of low and medium voltage .

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