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Discussing Issues Related to Synchronization of Technical Solutions in the Field of Smart Grid Development

5 марта 2014, 18:10 2266 Время чтения ≈ 7 мин

This day, February 27, 2014, within the framework of 4th INT’L SMART GRID EXPO – 2014, the Tokyo Big Sight International Exhibition Center (Tokyo, Japan) hosted the Russian-Japanese seminar “Dialogue in search for cooperation in the field of smart grid development and smart urban infrastructure” arranged by the Federal Energy Agency of the Ministry of Energy of Russia, Autonomous Non-Commercial Organization “International Center for Energy Cooperation” and the magazine “ELECTRIC POWER. Transmission and Distribution”.

The Russian side at the seminar was represented by more than 50 managers and specialists from the Trade Representation of the Russian Federation in Japan, JSC “Inter RAO”, JSC “Russian Grids” (“Rosseti”), JSC “Generating Company”, JSC “Far East Energy Management Company”, “Energy without Borders” Foundation, Non-commercial partnership of guaranteeing suppliers and energy sales companies, etc.

The Japanese side was represented by speakers and hearers from the Agency for Natural Resources and Energy of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), Energy Conservation Center of Japan, Japan Business Alliance for Smart Energy Worldwide (JASE-World), the largest Japanese companies leading in the field of smart energy and research institutes.

Experts of the magazine “ELECTRIC POWER. Transmission and Distribution” also attended the seminar. The seminar moderator on the Russian part was Alexander Dzhincharadze, Advisor of Director General of JSC “Russian Grids” and expert of the magazine “ELECTRIC POWER. Transmission and Distribution”.

In his report “Integrated system of complex standardization for Smart Grid” Alexander Konstantinovich Dzhincharadze emphasized that one of the most important and fundamental features of a smart unified energy system (UES) is integration of standards in the field of electric power industry with those of information and telecommunications technologies, communications and metrological support. Such integration is essential for creating the technological platform, the regulation and technology configuration (architecture) of UES with provision for real-time synchronization of processes throughout all stages of the system’s life-cycle.

The audience displayed great interest to the report of the Director of the Department of Technology Development and Innovations of JSC “Russian Grids” Vladimir Sofiin, who spoke on main drivers of development of Smart Grid technologies in Russia and key technologies that have to be introduced in the nearest time. Vladimir Sofiin underlined that one of the prominent tasks to be solved for further introduction of Smart Grid is ensuring cybersecurity in power grids. Next, the company carries out active work in the field of testing Smart Grid digital technologies, introduction of phase-shifting devices and technologies improving grid flexibility and reliability. The following projects are being implemented in the field of distribution grids: creation of infrastructure for electric vehicles in the territory of Moscow, installation of reclosers, development of “smart metering” systems in many Russian cities (about 1.2 million meters have already been installed), introduction of the OMS/DMS system and development of an integrated project of smart grids. The speaker stated that creation of a smart grid requires definition of and adherence with requirements to development of “green” energy, ecological safety and improving energy-efficiency as regards environmental protection and conservation of natural resources. Smart Grid should provide for reducing the share of natural resources utilization by 5% annually. The main effects expected by JSC “Russian Grids” from integration of innovative grid technologies consist in improving the consumers’ quality of life, optimization of energy resources utilization and provision for international integration of the electric power grid sector of Russia with energy systems of other countries.

In his report on the topic “Synchronization of Technical Solutions and Formation of a Unified Technical Policy in the Field of Development of Smart Grids” Director for Strategic Planning of the magazine  “ELECTRIC POWER. Transmission and Distribution” Alexander Pavlov familiarized the participants of the seminar with the magazine’s vision as regards issues of synchronizing technical solutions in the field of smart grid development, analysis of the most wide-spread mechanisms of communications between specialists responsible for formation of a unified technical policy in the field. According to the speaker, a unified technical policy for Smart Grids can be formed only on condition of constant interaction between specialists of many spheres, while interaction between specialists can be effective only when all participants have real-time access to all the relevant information. Analysis of the actual information space showed that most available information resources operate within their marketplaces and do not strive to offer the customer wider opportunities.

However, there are certain information resources ready to operate within the framework of a single information space, which provides for close interaction between print media, electronic information resources, exhibition halls, as well as information resources of power companies and public authorities. Formation of such an integrated information space conventionally named Smart Media will make it possible to get rid of main weak points of existing isolated media resources and will contribute to solving issues of integration of fully operational Smart Grids.

We will further inform our readers of all significant events within the framework of 4th INT’L SMART GRID EXPO – 2014. A detailed report on the events will be available in the 2nd issue of the magazine “ELECTRIC POWER. Transmission and Distribution” (March-April 2014).

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