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Kamkabel expand markets

29 декабря 2014, 04:15 2229 Время чтения ≈ 3 мин

Ministry of Economic Development of Perm, together with representatives of the Ministry of Economic Development, Government of Perm and the Russian Agency for Export Credit Insurance and Investment (EXIAR) is actively developing support measures Perm enterprises in foreign economic activity. Retreat on state aid and export development took place in late October on the basis of the industrial giant of the region - LLC "Kamsky Cable".

According to Deputy Prime Minister - Minister of Economic Development of Perm Leonid Morozov, "Kamkabel" was chosen: the company successfully developed, has a long history, is the city main, one of the largest employers and is in demand in many sectors of production. The purpose of the meeting was the elaboration of a joint action plan to remove barriers and provide advice on issues of entering new markets, including international ones.

The main measures to support regional enterprises and "Kamkabel", in particular, have been proposed: subsidizing interest rates on loans, financing Russian expositions at international exhibitions, government guarantees, information and advisory work in the trade mission of the Russian Federation. Moreover, the Ministry of Economic Development trade offices located in 55 countries. "Kamkabel 'offices specialists are ready to assist in the search for potential buyers and establish first contacts, assessment of market capacity and the risks that accompany trade. In addition, with the support of experts can be assessed market risks, recommendations for an action plan and follow-up work is organized on a "road map" - a detailed plan for the promotion of production and delivery to consumers. For example, to increase sales by companies in the Perm region is proposed expansion into South America. In the near future it is planned to create showcases innovative projects and a number of exhibitions of folk achievements.

 Today Kamkabel products exported to more than 40 countries - said General Director of "Kamsky Cable" Vladimir Molokovsky - including in Europe and the CIS, Mongolia, Vietnam, UAE, Turkey, Singapore and others. However, access to international markets, and especially the search for new always difficult exercise. For us it is very important that the Ministry of Economic Development of the Perm Territory for the first time offers the opportunity to address the Permian industrial enterprises, in particular, the expansion of markets for products. It's good for everyone - "Kamkabel", who will receive new orders and profits, provide jobs for employees of his company and supplying enterprises. Perm region - in the form of contributions to the budget of taxes now and reputation in the region, producing high quality products.

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