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Overview of global markets cable

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Experts believe the company BCC Research (USA), cables and wires can be regarded as the most obvious symbols of global technological progress in most years of the last century. Global strategy for the development of alternative sources of energy acts as a catalyst for the diversification of the cable market. The world is moving to such a scenario, when all the "smart" devices that perform a variety of functions, will be able to exchange information with each other. Cables and wires are- the chief aids in achieving this association intelligent devices.

Company BCC Research has released another report in which the results of a thorough analysis of the global cable market. The report titled "Wires and cables: materials, technologies and global markets» ("Wire and Cable: Material, Technologies and Global Markets") cable market estimated $ 172 billion in 2012 and the sum of 188.3 billion US dollars 2013. Experts predict that the market will reach 205 billion US dollars in 2014 and 297.4 billion US dollars by 2019.

It is expected that the annual growth rate of 7.7% in the period from 2014 through 2019 Report of BCC Research contains information on the following aspects:

• An overview of the global market for materials and technologies used in the manufacture of cable products.
• Analysis of trends in the global market with the data for 2012 and 2013, the forecasts for 2014 and preliminary calculation of average annual growth rate until 2019.
• An overview of the structural components of the common market power cables for voltage classes, functional characteristics, materials conductors, end use and geographic regions.
• Analysis of the impact of various productive chains in the market power and telecommunications cables.
• Review of the leading companies in the cable industry

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