Congress Center Düsseldorf 3 November 2015

7 сентября 2015, 14:10 2450 Время чтения ≈ 1 мин

Cabwire 2015 has an impressive list of both ferrous and non-ferrous expert speakers to talk about the latest technological developments and issues facing the cable and wire industry.
Stimulating programme
In one of the most stimulating programmes ever presented at Cabwire, keynote speaker Dr Klaus Probst of Leoni AG (above) examines factors for sustainable international growth. He leads an international line-up, including speakers from SAMP SpA, Italy; C Tech Corp, India; FMS Force Measuring Systems AG, Switzerland; FIB, Belgium; Maschinenfabrik Neihoff, GmbH, Germany; Innovites BV, Netherlands and Canada's Ceeco Bartell.
Non-ferrous sessions
Topics in the non-ferrous sessions include foam insulation in cable extrusions; manufacture of compact conductors; revolutionising wire manufacture, and subsea cables and the benefits of pure XLPE materials.
Full non-ferrous programme
Ferrous sessions
Topics in the ferrous sessions include design and simulation of rolled profile wires; the evolution of vanadium in high-carbon steel during wire drawing; a new type of tungsten die for drawing zinc-coated wire; an energy-efficient drive system for winding machinery; heat resistant colour coatings for a new generation of spring wires and the use of steel strip, shaped wire and round wire in the production of umbilical cable and submarine cable.
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Full ferrous programme

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