PLM URAL will present solutions for digital manufacturing at INNOPROM-2016

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The booth of PLM Ural (1Е3.2) will be devoted to the complex solutions for digital manufacturing.

On the booth, you will know about software for the total product development process automation. The software package includes the following solutions for:

•    Computer-aided design
•    Computer engineering analysis (Structural mechanics, Fluid dynamics, Electromagnetics)
•    Computer analysis of technological processes (casting, welding, metal forming, heat treatment, composites)
•    CNC programing
•    Product measuring
•    Product data management

You will get information about complex supercomputing solutions for HPC, provided by the RSC Group of companies.
You will be able to evaluate the possibilities of the portable coordinate measuring machine (arm) ROMER and to know about other coordinate measuring machines (stationary CMM, trackers, scanners).

The highlight of the booth will be the immersive Virtual Reality system ESI IC.IDO Mention Virtual Reality (VR) and many think of games or sci-fi movies. Or pretty pictures on big screens and within head-mounted displays. Indeed, these are all valid forms of VR. But there’s another, more important form of VR for engineering companies. IC.IDO is the one of them.

IC.IDO delivers a highly-immersive, interactive, real-time/real-size experience from which to explore any product of any size. If you are a design, engineering or manufacturing manager in a medium- or large-sized industrial company, immersive, interactive VR can be valuable in some or all of the following ways:

•    Identifying and resolving complex design issues early in the product development process, when problems are least costly to fix.
•    Reducing the number of costly physical prototypes.
•    Enabling collaboration among multiple disciplines in widely dispersed geographical areas.
•    Analyzing ergonomics issues before implementing new designs, tools and procedures.
•    Optimizing factory floor processes.
•    Providing better training for technicians dealing with complex products in the field.
•    Simulating conditions in the field long before they are encountered in the real world.

The solutions that will be presented on the booth give the possibility to make your product development cycle 10 times shorter, to reduce the number of costly physical prototypes and to boost company’s income thanks to 2-3 times time-to-market speed up.

PLM Ural specialists will tell you about all the solutions and success stories of different companies and recommend the optimal hardware and software package for your business.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us: 8 800 500 1993

Welcome to our booth  1Е3.2 at INNOPROM 2016!

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