The new submarine cable offering combines TE SubCom’s equipment with Ciena’s optical platform

17 ноября 2016, 18:09 1458 Время чтения ≈ 2 мин

TE SubCom, a company specialized in submarine cable network technology, and Ciena have signed a strategic alliance to work on the development of open submarine cable networking solutions.

The two firms said the alliance will allow customers seeking a single point of contact for both wet plant and dry plant to combine TE SubCom’s advanced wet plant designs and marine installation with Ciena’s 6500 Packet-Optical Platform, powered by WaveLogic coherent optics, to create a flexible next-generation undersea cable system.

TE SubCom’s Open Cables business model, which launched last year, allows customers to select their preferred submarine transceiver equipment vendor.

TE SubCom’s Open Cables model will now also provide customers the option of buying a combined solution using Ciena equipment on a TE SubCom-designed wet plant.

Under the new agreement, customers can purchase this solution from TE SubCom or can also contract independently with TE SubCom for wet plant and Ciena for transmission equipment.

“The Open Cables model has enabled us to offer our customers options that have never before been available in the undersea cable industry,” said Aaron Stucki, president of TE SubCom. “That model is now further enhanced through this agreement with Ciena, as cable operators wishing to deploy Ciena’s equipment on TE SubCom networks will be able to do so efficiently, with the full support of our engineering team and our commitment to on-time delivery of an end-to-end solution.”

TE SubCom, owned by TE Connectivity, designs, manufactures, deploys, and maintains undersea fiber optic cable systems. Its solutions include long-haul and regional systems, repeaterless networks, capacity upgrades, offshore oil and gas, and scientific research applications.


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