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Main Topics of REW 2018 Revealed

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The topic of the main plenary session of the Russian Energy Week International Forum on 3–6 October in Moscow will be ‘Sustainable Energy for the Unpredictable World’. Also among the announced discussions: ‘World Energy 2035: Overcoming Barriers and Uniting Opportunities’, where the participants will discuss the key trends of modern electric power industry and ensuring the world’s energy security in the extremely volatile economic and political situation. During the session called ‘What will the Global Gas Market be Like in 2030?’, the speakers will talk on whether gas is able to successfully compete with renewable and atomic energy.

“Ensuring energy security, increasing energy efficiency, reliable supply of end-use energy to consumers, as well as attracting investments in modernization are now becoming the important priorities for sustainable development of the world fuel and energy industry, because energy not only provides the solution for humanity’s global problems, but also prevents those problems,” noted Anton Kobyakov, Adviser to the President of the Russian Federation, Executive Secretary of the Organizing Committee.

The events of the REW 2018 business programme will include discussions on all aspects of the energy industry, as well as on the modern technology that Russia can import.

“As one of the world’s leaders of the fuel and energy industry, Russia makes a major contribution to the formation of the global energy agenda. I am glad that state leaders, heads of energy ministries and companies, as well as experts from different countries choose Moscow and the Russian Energy Week to discuss the issues of energy development. This year, the main areas of discussion will be ‘Sustainable energy for the unpredictable world’, and the plans for the Russian fuel and energy sector development up to 2024, as well as opportunities that are being opened for investors, equipment manufacturers and energy consumers in connection with the launch of large-scale energy projects,” said Alexander Novak, Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation.

Guests of the REW 2018 will have a chance to get acquainted with the strategies leading to success in the world oil and gas chemistry market, and learn whether the coal industry will continue to drive growth in the emerging economies. In addition, the Forum organizers will hold sessions dedicated to the essential subject of alternative energy and renewable energy sources, as today the world energy sector is going through an irreversible transformation.

The business programme will also include the open meeting of the Supervisory Board of the Housing and Utilities Reform Fund State Corporation, where the proposals from the experts work group on improving the investment climate in the housing and utilities of the Russian Federation for 2018–2025 are to be discussed, and the approach to the industry’s further development is to be formed. In addition, the results of MediaTEK, the 4th All-Russian Competition of media, press services of energy companies and regional administrations, will be finalized at the REW 2018.

Information Partner of the Russian Energy Week 2018 is the portal RusCable.Ru.

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