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Fiber-Optic Cable Now In Lexington

Fiber-Optic Cable Now In Lexington

6 сентября 2018, 13:07
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In 2014, Lexington Mayor Jim Gray made a campaign promise to bring high-speed internet to Lexington. Tuesday he made good on that promise with the help of MetroNet.

Lexington Mayor Jim Gray helped cut the ribbon outside the new MetroNet store on Tiverton Way. The city is now the largest gigabit city in the country.

Kathy Scheller with MetroNet, says fiber-optic cables are going to bring information to your computer at the speed of light. She compared current internet to a back yard water hose and Metronets service to a firehose. “You know how long it takes all of us to download movies or any kind of media? You can now download a movie in seconds with our internet speeds.”

MetroNet is now available in select areas, more than 140 miles of cables have been laid in Lexington. The entire city is expected to have high-speed internet access within 24 months.


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