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Here for you at Wire Russia 2021

20 мая 2021, 17:25 1172 Время чтения ≈ 2 мин
Источник: Rosendahl Nextrom GmbH

Reliability, quality and technological (r)evolutions will be the core topics of Rosendahl Nextrom’s presentation even more than before. All combined within their fundamental promise “here for you” at Wire Russia 2021.

RoSET (Rosendahl Superior Extrusion Technology)

RoSET is the new solution for MV cable production that uses polypropylene-based compounds, something that has not been commercially available so far and precisely emphasizes the developments.


The use of silicone is enjoying increasing popularity due to the many positive material properties, such as its extreme heat resistance. So over recent months Rosendahl Nextrom has paid special attention to the further development of their silicone lines. Regardless of whether you utilize their systems for automotive or safety cables, you will definitely be well equipped.


RH-W is a metal-forming and welding line for high-voltage and extra-high-voltage cables (HV / EHV) from Rosendahl. Major improvements have been undertaken regarding the welding unit and system parameters over recent months. The line is able to process HV and EHV cables with a welding tube diameter from 50 mm up to 200 mm.

Nextrom - Production technology for optical preform, fiber and cable manufacturers

Nextrom is further expanding their R&D labs, which now include facilities to make preforms by VAD & OVD, draw and quality optical fiber, but also a new loose tube & premise cable line. The equipment is available for demonstrations and joint trials with customers in Finland.

It is of utmost importance to Rosendahl Nextrom to provide both qualities during the entire lifetime of their production technology and even beyond. Just as they say: Here for you!

Their team is looking forward to presenting their innovations, networking with you and welcoming you as their guest at Wire Russia 2021. Please come visit them at booth number M13. Find out the latest news, enjoy yourself at their stand and see how Rosendahl Nextrom can help you to achieve your goals.

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