The Vice- governor of St-Petersburg Vladimir Lavlencev visited “Sev cable”

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The vice-governor of St-Petersburg Vladimir Lavlencev visited on business “Sev cable”. The meeting of the group of companies "Sevkabel" was attended by the chairman of Directors Board Vladimir Bobin, Director General Vladimir Bukhin.

During the meeting, the sides discussed issues of cable power facilities and housing -communal services of St. Petersburg, curriculum issues of cabling, interaction with "Lenenergo" and other large companies of the city.

The issues of  cables and wires supply of  the "Sevkabel" for important projects, including the Olympic facilities in Sochi, were discussed.

In frames of business meeting sides discussed the situation of cable market in Russia and St-Petersburg, tender questions and state purchases, counterfeit products, produced under the labels of famous producers.

After meeting the Director General Alexander Dyatchenko showed the departments to clients, where the technology of cable production of different models and sections was presented. The guests also visited the production of power cables with low, medium and high voltage ,cables of the ship, geophysical cables. The special attention was paid to high-voltage laboratory with new settings High Volt for power cable up to 220 kV testing.

In the result of the meeting the vice-governor of St-Petersburg Vladimir Lavlencev noted, that the factory is over-loaded and actively works. “What about the sales in engineering-energy complex and urban economy, no doubt, we will support the industry”.

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