“Energostroy-MN” presented a program of “smart office” creation in Kislovodsk

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The Vice-President of JSC “Energostroy-MN”, the director of Innovational Technology Center Victor Rumencev participated in the meeting chaired by the Minister of Energy, Industry and Network in Stapropol region Dmitry Samatov. The perspectives of complex system of account and scheduling in “Smart House” implementation were discussed on the meeting. The realization of the project supposes innovational technological developments and modern systems of power supply management usage.

“We’d like to create the system of guaranteed power-supply of first and second-rate clients in Kislovodsk, energy-independent structure, that could prevent and avoid the aftermaths of any cataclysms, to improve the city life and its services” – Victor Rumyancev noted. ‘We need to understand the weak sides and make the systematic solution for the problem. Our choice was selected not by chance, Stavropolie – is a united Russian leader in the sphere of innovational solutions, new attitudes. Such a new project as automobile implementation is realized in the region, the creation of sun electro station is planned and so on”

“The idea is very interesting, the theme is an actual one”-Dmitry Somatov said-“Regions in the whole Russia begin to deal with it, but there are no realizations in a particular city. This will be a pilot project with the participation of state-private partnership. We have quite a creative Ministry that is open to serious partnership, using innovational scientific attitude. These meetings coincide with the tasks assigned by governor Valery Zerenkov, with the strategy of socio-economic development of the Stavropol and the enforcement of the federal law "About energy saving".

We should go up to the smart economics, imply innovational technologies in energy sphere, so we’re ready to participate in “Smart House” project. This would allow to look after the network on-line, equally distribute the energy, align the peaks. Nowadays the experts of the project have to analyze the situation in Kislovodsk, define what sphere to follow – heat energy, network, water supply.

The representatives of resource-supply industries in city-resort who visited the meeting noted the importance of the discussed issues and expressed the hope that the “Smart House” realization would allow to decrease risks to ensure uninterrupted power supply to critical infrastructure, decrease the energy-supply. The similar systems allow to create smart houses , smart regions, smart cities, uniting the elements in energy-effective cluster.

In 2012 at the summit of the APEC the agreement was signed to establish a highly efficient energy infrastructure in the North Caucasus of the Federal District, between JSC "FGC UES", the Japanese company Toshiba and JSC "Energostroy-MN.».

The modernization of grid complex will touch all the spheres of industry and electricity supply. The priority direction is implementation of technology developments and new systems of management, necessary for federal projects of the North Caucasus with the saving of natural landscape and ecology.

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