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GC "Meridian" finished zero cycle of construction of SS "Beshtau"

GC Meridian finished zero cycle of construction of SS Beshtau

13 октября 2014, 01:34
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Источник: ГК "Меридиан"

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Group of companies "Meridian" continues to build 110/10 kV "Beshtau" in Pyatigorsk. Special organization fully complies with earthworks, works on the foundation and slab casting at "zero.".

According to project manager HA "Meridian" Nicholas Varava, in the process of implementation of the project they had to face some difficulties. "Initially, the works were not covered by the project. When the pit had been established, there was a flow of groundwater. For their removal arranged drainage was, which resulted in the need for changes to the project. Therefore, there have been additional solutions by Device circular drainage. Despite the increase in the volume of work, our employees are aware of the Importance of the object, they stand the approved construction schedule, "- he said.

At the moment, the company's specialists have started activities on the device columns and second floors at the level of 4 meters in the second block, where there will be room RZA and GIS. The first block will be placed power transformers, transformer melting ice, as well as auxiliary facilities.

"On completion of the building height to the ridge will reach 25 meters. It involves the construction of fifteen-columns that are difficult to fill, as well as more than a million laying bricks in a very short time. In this regard, we consider the possibility of starting work in three shifts to further accelerate the process of construction of the facility ", - N. Varava said.

As previously reported, the CC "Meridian" is building a 110 kV Substation "Beshtau" in Pyatigorsk. The project envisages the construction of the feeding center of enclosed with the construction of a single building to house the switchgear 110 kV, 10 kV switchgear, power transformers, auxiliary transformers, arc suppression coils, compensating devices of relay protection and automation, consumer and industrial premises.

The need to build a new substation has appeared due to the fact that due to the growth of the social infrastructure in the region and construction of Pyatigorsk a new residential area "West" had a lack of capacities.

Источник: ГК "Меридиан"



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