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"SS Tenergomontazh" Company provides electric heating pipelines on ice-resistant platform named after Filanovsky

3 марта 2015, 23:04 3015 Время чтения ≈ 3 мин

Engineering company "SSTenergomontazh" with the group of companies "FTA" completed the delivery of equipment for electrical heating systems, pipelines on ice-resistant fixed platform (LSP-1) named after Filanovsky in the Caspian Sea.

The field is named after Vladimir Filanovsky is the largest in the Russian sector of the Caspian Sea. This is the second field, which JSC "LUKOIL" will launch in the North Caspian Sea. Proved reserves at the end of 2013 amounted 487 million barrels of oil equivalent. First production is scheduled for the end of 2015 with the release of the planned level of 6.1 million tons in 2016.

The company "SSTenergomontazh", as a part of the GC "FTA", is involved in this project as a supplier of integrated solutions for electrical heating of industrial pipelines. "SSTenergomontazh" provides design, equipment supply, installation supervision, commissioning and maintenance of electrical heating systems for ice-resistant fixed platform of Filanovsky.

The specialists of "SSTenergomontazh" designed system of electric heating pipelines and drilling technology complex, and ship systems. Heating system on the LSP will be implemented on the basis of self-regulating heating cables production by "FTA". Heating cables of MTC, BTX, HTP brands, insulated with fluoropolymers, meet the strict requirements for explosion protection and fire safety, as well as resistant to marine climate and chemicals. All projects were developed by electrical heating systems for their field. Filanovsky platform has been approved by the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping.

At the end of 2014 the company "SSTenergomontazh" delivered equipment for electrical heating pipes on ice-resistant platform. The package includes self-regulating heating cables with length of 15 kilometers, thermal insulation, 8 cases of management control systems and management, power supply system. Installation of electrical heating systems for ice-resistant platform specialists "SSTenergomontazh" hold in 2015.

"The field named after Filanovsky became the third object in the Caspian Sea, which we equip with electrical heating systems, - Director of" SSTenergomontazh "Valery Tyulyukanov says. - In 2007-2010, we have provided the design, supply and installation of electrical heating systems of industrial pipelines on ice-resistant platform Yuri Korchagin field of OAO "LUKOIL". Currently we are working on a platform of "Zhdanov" Dragon Oil Company in the territorial waters of Turkmenistan. Designing systems for the LSP at the Filanovskywe applied a number of previously developed by our engineers, special design and technical solutions for offshore platforms. The choice of our company as a supplier of integrated solutions for the objects in the Caspian Sea, fully reflects the possibility of GC "FTA" import substitution in the segment of industrial electric heating. GC "FTA" has all the necessary resources and production capacity to fully meet Russian consumers of electrical heating of domestic production. "

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